Tritonal & Cash Cash – Untouchable

Tritonal & Cash Cash - "Untouchable"
Tritonal & Cash Cash – “Untouchable”

When Tritonal and Cash Cash got together to make a track, the world knew that it would be big. With both groups having undergone a meteoric rise to the top of the EDM stratosphere, audiences could only wait in wonder about the much-anticipated track.

The brainchild of the magnificent union, “Untouchable”, is a big room house anthem that seems destined to climb the dance music charts.

With its colossal synths and feel-good summer sensibilities, “Untouchable” is one of those songs that lends itself to the most imaginative of daydreams. As the chorus takes hold visions of outdoor stages and throngs of dancing humanoids float behind one’s eyes, bringing reminiscences of favorite concert moments rushing to consciousness.

One can feel the exhilarated energy of a crowd in every hit of the kick drum, and it makes you want to throw your hands in the air and dance without a care in the world.

A pop-house smash in every sense of the words, “Untouchable” is yet another track that that bridges the gap between EDM and pop music worlds. Catchy, upbeat, and vocally driven – “Untouchable” is almost certainly destined to crop up on outdoor stages and in clubs around the world this year.

Listen to Tritonal and Cash Cash’s massive anthem “Untouchable” below and grab yourself a slice of the EDM daydream.

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