Three Track Collection of Italian Producer Kharfi’s Elegant Tropical House

Kharfi stands out from the most skilled producers in the Italian electronic dance scene. Only at the age of 20, he has skillfully played at the most popular Italian music festivals, gain support from top artists like Diplo and The Chainsmokers as well as by media like Dj Mag and ThisSongIsSick. His talent was not unnoticed by Doner Music, an Italian label established by the Italian producer Big Fish (Mad Decent).

Photo of Kharfi via Kharfi’s Facebook

Kharfi teams up with two vocalists, Rae Hall and David Blank on their most recent tropical house single, ‘Lose Myself’.

He begins with delicate vocals from Rae as his relaxed introduction gives a smooth sound right when the sweet melodic beats sneak in. Just before the tropical flute drop uncovers, vocals from David Blank joins in for the chorus.

You can’t help yourself to magically appear on an island somewhere, as the track develops a speedier rhythm. Kharfi keeps the BPM in the low 100s, yet giving a laid-back sound without losing you, listen below:

Kharfi isn’t new to tropical sounds from obvious releases in the past two years following the same path of sound. Working with David Blank before, they came out with ‘More Than I Can Give‘.

Listen how Kharfi elegantly utilized a staple tropical house sound created by marimbas throughout the melody to make this single unwinding and smooth.

As he sat on his single ‘Lose Myself‘ before releasing, Kharfi also released a remix called, ‘Inside Out‘ for The Chainsmokers.

Pay close attention on how he flips the track upside down, instead of hype, he tones it down with a lenient beat.

Kharfi recently expressed his emotions after performing at the MTV Digital Days Festival this past September:

We work every day for having the opportunity to dream big, Friday I performed the MTV Digital Days of Turin and I had the chance to see the fruits of my labor, it went something like this.

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