Colorado Big Game Trophy Wook Hunters Hosts a Sonic Bloom Ticket Giveaway

Colorado’s premier wook hunting outfitters, Colorado Big Game Trophy Wook Hunters (CBGTWH) specialize in tracking and trapping trophy wooks in their natural elements. The idea for hunting wooks came about at Sonic Bloom in 2015. As a joke they started a Facebook group about it, figuring it would never get bigger then their group of friends…

Bagged & Tagged at The Gorge photo credit CBGTWH

Now after 2 years the group has grown to nearly 100K members. This year they have partnered up with Sonic Bloom to help their members experience what an amazing festival Sonic Bloom is.

CBGTWH is holding a Sonic Bloom ticket giveaway contest for their members to win 2, 4 day passes for this year.

Colorado Big Game Trophy Wook Hunters Pin

How to win CBGTWH’s Sonic Bloom Ticket Giveaway:

1. CLICK on this link (leads to our public page)
2. COMMENT and TAG 3 friends who you’d like to join you
3. SHARE the post
4. RSVP to the event invite >>> SONIC BLOOM 2017

Winners will be chosen Monday the 22nd.

Scope the full Sonic Bloom lineup below: 

Sonic Bloom 2017 Lineup
While you are hunting at Sonic Bloom you’re going to want to look fresh. So the Founders cranked up some STS9, they got in touch with Grassroots California, and put some of the greatest minds this generation has ever seen to work.

They took a page right out of John Hammond’s playbook, by sparing no expense to create gear that will drop panties like a corndog booth at a Papadosio show. While rocking this brill you’ll be so woke you won’t need to burn tires anymore to talk to aliens.

Colorado Big Game Trophy Wook Hunters Hat

Join the fun-loving hunt today and check out for more info. Last but certainly not least, please do not take the CBGTWH group the wrong way for it is a group that was created out of love and lighthearted fun- a celebration of our community and family.

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