Lightning in a Bottle (LIB) is getting nearer and the pre-festival excitement is real. In recent years LIB has been able to bring an amazing line-up; however, there is a whole other world to LIB then simply the music. Consider making this an experience entirely with these weekend long activities.

Photo credit Jorge Photography for LIB 2016

Introducing Luna Yoga and Yoga Sol:

Yoga is an antiquated craftsmanship given a blending arrangement of improvement for the body, mind, and soul. The practice of yoga will lead you to a feeling of peace and prosperity, and furthermore a sentiment being at one with the environment.

LIB curated a roster filled with different yoga classes for the entire weekend. Classes are accessible from the early morning through the night in two welcoming development spaces, Luna Yoga and Yoga Sol.

At whatever time you feel like getting tangled up in yoga, classes will be available for you anytime.

Photo credit Jorge Photography for LIB 2016

photo credit Lightning in a Bottle

Feed the Soul:

Keep your tummies filled and satisfied with the brunch and dinner eateries available morning and night. LIB gives three locations inside the celebration where you may anticipate heavenly warm meals. Featured LIB restaurants include: Amori’s Sit Down DinnersLast Supper Club’s Brunch Royale & Giggle Juice Cafe’s Lightning In a Plate

Appreciate Imaginative Work of Art LIB 2017:

LIB Festival, 2016 photo credit Lightning in a Bottle 

If you’re an experience LIB attendee, then you know that a wildly attractive work of art will be shown at every corner of the festival. In the wake of imagining and refining the live painting idea, this year LIB is improving and pushing the live art experience to be more prevalent, visible and open for everyone. LIB developed an art walk every night from 7:00 PM-10:00 PM, where festival goers can appreciate world famous artists, and purchase their favorite painting.


Live-Action Pit Stops:

Make sure to set aside some chance to make a trek and drop by fun stations that will make your LIB experience extraordinary and especially yours. These stations involve plenty of activities, from speed dating, puppet and burlesque show, to after dark karaoke sessions.

This five-day long celebration, will keep you occupied and engaged with a list long of activities. You will feel instructed, empowered and satisfied with all the LIB brings to the table.

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