The Coveted Future House Music Duo Soul Clap Releases a Compilation

Boston raised and NYC based DJ and production duo, Soul Clap, have been creating music to liven up the dance floor for a decade now. We have selected a compilation of their tracks and a preview of a recently released mix to thoroughly present their sound.

Soul Clap’s style is distinctively their own as they blend hip-hop, funk, soul and disco with future house music.

Here is how Soul Clap describes their sound:

While we break out of the 4×4 and explore different beats (from breaks to electro to funk to disco to afro) we always keep our feet planted firmly in house.

Recently the duo released 11 singles on SoundCloud for us to freely enjoy, which does not happen often. One of our favorite singles off the collection is called, ‘Numb’, a magical piece with deep house elements. ‘Numb‘ is built of catchy female vocals by Ebony Houston and a light groovy beat that will make you bounce. This compilation also features Soul Clap‘s latest release ‘Shine (This Is It)’ featuring Nora Hendryx.

Soul Clap ‘Numb’

Plug in and take a tour through Soul Clap’s sound by listing to this rare compilation:

To explore more of what Soul Clap has to offer check out their recently released mix of more on-point future house music and spacey vibes.

They made the first third of the 70 plus minute mix available to sample. The rest of their ‘Fabric 93’ mix is out for download and can be purchased by clicking here.

Soul Clap’s aim for this mix is to showcase their many styles of electronic music. This mix is futuristic, but still super funky. The spirit of house is represented from the soulful sounds of Ancient Deep, Ken Gill and Daev Martin, the voice of Life On Planets’ vocalist Phil Celeste, to the afro styles of Sol Power All-Stars and Maajo, to the classic samples of Barbara Tucker, Indian Ocean and Storm & Herman.

Soul Clap ‘Fabric 93’

Listen to a sample of Soul Clap’s new ‘Fabric 93’ mix below:

After listening to all to this music you will easily see why they will be a perfect opener for STS9 on the Sunday of their 3-day run at Red Rocks this September. Never miss a Sunday show. Check out the rest of their summer schedule that will take them around the world by clicking here.

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