Sundiatta – Pilot EP [Free Download]

Sundiatta Pilot EP [Free Download]
Sundiatta – Pilot EP
Sundiatta is one of those producers that understands the complex workings of music production.

Not just another producer that invested in equipment and called himself a DJ, the classically trained musician continues to complement his live instrumental background with formal musical composition education.

Having played guitar for the better part of a decade, the Idaho based producer has taken his self described style of “Jazzy Funk” and translated it into the realm of electronic dance music.

Adding piano to his repertoire, Sundiatta continued to expand his skill set before fully diving in after inspiration hit at SnowGlobe Music Festival.

Heavily influenced by Zedd, Deorro, and Milk N Cookies, Sundiatta continued to perfect his craft, leading to the release of his Pilot EP  that encompasses a vast array of EDM styles.

With four tracks that range from deep house to Melbourne bounce, the Pilots EP embodies a comprehensive understanding and appreciation for music as an impressive first project for the young producer.

Says Sundiatta:

When I was making the EP I really focused on making every track different and unique, and yet still hold a signature characteristic. My personal goal was to create a song in a variety of different sub genres: deep house, progressive house, Melbourne bounce, etc., and be able to hear the style of melodies and harmonies and distinguish the Sundiatta sound from everybody else’s.

No matter how far it takes me I want my life’s legacy to not be how much fame I achieved, but how much great music I shared.

These complex melodies are infused with that live instrumental “Jazz Funk” signature that creates a refreshingly distinct sound throughout.

With so much accomplished in less than one year, we are excited to see what the future holds for Sundiatta.

Listen to the Pilot EP by Sundiatta below and be sure to grab the free download.

Sundiatta – Genie

Sundiatta – Lena Lou

Sundiatta ft. Ph.mic.D – All Nighter Anthem

Sundiatta – High Noon