Practicing Nonjudgement: Embracing EDM Culture by Breaking the Chains of Misconception

edm culture
The EDM festival and event revolution is lighting up the lives of millions around the globe.

There are many people that are misinformed about the electronic dance music culture as a whole.

Many more are simply unaware that the EDM festival and event revolution is a movement that is happening all around the globe, lighting up the lives of millions of people.

The multiple life changing events have been exponentially increasing in popularity, attendees, and frequency on a larger geographical scale than each prior festival and event season.

Seemingly all numbers related to the events are increasing and, due to the rise in popularity, they will not be slowing down anytime soon barring The Apocalypse.

The events are truly a spectacle to witness and each independently possesses a magnitude of magical aspects for attendees to absolutely fall in love with.

There are many elements of events that EDM enthusiasts love, but the highlights consist of the wide variety of music, social aspects, the feeling of unity and freedom, the life experience, and the life-changing capabilities of it all.

But why is it that there are such negative stereotypes surrounding electronic dance music culture?

edm culture tomorrowworld
EDM events are filled with life changing moments.

There seems to be two very common misconceptions that surround EDM and clarification is in order:

The first misconception is that one has to be on drugs to listen to and enjoy the music. The second misconception is that EDM consists of one or two different styles, all of which merely consist of repetitive and redundant ‘oomps,’ ‘ticks,’ ‘thumps,’ ‘wamps,’ and ‘meems.’

embracing edm culture
EDM festivals and events offer a wide range of sounds to satisfy all musical preferences.

These common misconceptions are a major deterrent for many members of the general mainstream population, and they could not be any farther from the truth.

While drug use is certainly an element of EDM, events, and festivals, the majority of those involved are there simply for the music and the experience.

The drugs represent purely a small fraction of the EDM culture in its entirety.

As far as the music goes at EDM festivals and events, there is a wide variety of sound waves omitting from each individual stage that provide something for everyone in attendance.

There are countless sub-genres that unite under the EDM umbrella term.

For each style of EDM that a person dislikes, there lie twenty more styles that would match that same person’s musical preference if they would just be a little more open to exploring the many sub-genres located inside of EDM.

Too many people write off the music after listening to one or two songs when, in actuality, there are thousands of songs that they would fall in love with if their ears fell upon any of it.

A major appeal of the EDM  events and festivals is that if someone is at one stage and they do not like the music then they simply just have to go to a different stage.

The EDM festivals and events are designed to satisfy the preference of the fans through musical variety.

embracing edm culture
The social aspects of EDM have a long-lasting, monumental impact on numerous people.

There are not too many places on Planet Earth where one can go to an overnight, three-to-five day event totally solo and, at the conclusion of the happening, go home with a long list of new friends that feel like family.

At these gatherings bonds are forged like cast iron steel, often lasting a lifetime for those involved. The people at the festivals and events all gather together under the pillars of music, peace, love, unity, freedom, and togetherness.

When people gather together with similar intentions, it makes for a pretty open playing field. Everybody wants to interact, and be as one; therefore the social aspects have a long-lasting, monumental impact on numerous people.

embracing edm culture
Give EDM a chance. It might just change your life.

It is truly life changing to embrace electronic dance music alone, without the event portion involved. Once a person has opened up their mind to accept it, it will pulsate through them, move their body, inspire, motivate, comfort, drive, soothe, relax; simply become one with it, one rhythm, one beat, one energy.

Once the music has intertwined with that person’s life, and then they go experience it live, is when the mind gets blown away from the experience.

It begins with a love for the music and then blossoms into this mesmerizing and inexplicable entity. It is a single, magical entity that glows from within EDM festivals and events.

It is about a trillion magical pieces that all collaborate to overtake everybody involved; a true embodiment of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

With each EDM event that comes and goes, there are innumerable, autonomous stories about how lives were permanently changed for the better.

One might ask how these events can have such a tremendous impact on so many different people, from so many different walks of life.

The suitable response would be to stop wondering, cease judging, and simply go find out firsthand.

Who knows. It might just change your life.

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