Splycer’s Piercing Compilation Takes Us on a Soulful Journey

St. Louis based DJ, Splycer is emerging into the electronic music scene from the video game world. After creating adventurous music for games, he is now ready to get the club moving with his sound. With 20 years of music production experience, it is time for him to showcase his top tracks.

Within Splycer’s compilation you will hear dubstep, deep house and high energy singles that embody the pure intentions of electronic music.


Listen to Splycer’s Top Tracks below: 

To begin the compilation, Splycer’s ‘True Love’ shows us the lighter side of electronic music with a fun, energetic dubstep beat and hypnotizing vocals. Later Splycer’s ‘The Urban Jungle’ uses exotic top-line vocals and congos to warm the soul and create a jungle vibe, then the track blasts off with electro house elements, successfully merging the energies of a jungle and city. ‘The Urban Jungle’ falls into ‘Tell Me Your Story’, a creative single with trance influenced vocals and a production style that creates a surreal atmosphere, this one may remind you a bit of Bassnectar‘s, ‘Unlimited Combinations’.

‘Believe in Love’ is intended to give us power to act above the hateful ideologies that seem to be acceptable to some people.

In the break down of ‘Believe in Love’ the lyrics ring, “don’t be afraid, we are a society, built on love built on tolerance, built on love for each other, acceptance, give em love, give em love, don’t matter what you look like, don’t matter what you believe, but just believe in love.”

This day and age I think our love for each other is tested, and when I think about the meaning behind Peace Love Unity Respect, the EDM culture and lifestyle, embodies this message to its fullest potential. I wanted this song to reflect that. -Splycer

photo credit Splycer’s Twitter

The compilation turns dark next with Splycer’s ‘Resonate’, as the deep vocals and heavy beat suck you in. Using ominous notes for ‘The Deep It Cometh’ this compilation goes even further down the rabbit hole. For ‘Our House’ Splycer offers us a deep house beat that takes us on a journey within, to end the collection by shining light on our soul. Enjoy how Splycer’s top tracks take us on musical journey from light to dark to light again. Then show your love by following him on his social media handles linked below.

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