Seven Lions Drops a Gorgeous Single On the Road to Paradiso

Only three weeks before performing at Paradiso Music Festival, Seven Lions collaborates with vocalist Neonheart to bring us another melodic and sweet single, ‘Where I Won’t Be Found’. You will not want to miss this gorgeous set at The Gorge. Pick up your tickets for Paradiso on June 23rd and 24th in George, Washington by clicking here. 

Seven Lions keeps on pushing ahead as a creative producer in electronic music, demonstrating his ability with singles that keeps on melting our hearts.

At whatever time a DJ announces that there will be another release in a couple of days, it makes some sort of reckoning that all of a sudden, you begin to get extremely anxious. He started with releasing a teaser to his fans on social media on May 30th, with a record cover photo.

Photo by Seven Lions

As the days grew closer to the release date, Seven Lions posted lyrics from the track on different days and a short video teaser giving his fans a little taste of what to expect.

With over 20k views on the his video teaser, Seven Lions stunned us with a single that adds a twist in his sound compared to many of his other releases.

Promptly, the track starts with Neonheart’s delicate vocals. As it continues, Seven Lions begins with a softer, calm melody introduction allowing her vocals be the centerpiece. When you’re expecting a lighter track, Seven Lions staggers us with a drop that is no way close to being toned down. The drop impacts you with a higher pitched percussion sound evolving into an energetic, and excitable song.

Take a listen into his new single:

This single is just the first of 8 in his new EP, called Lionsshare, all being released in the month of June. This is just in time for when he performs at Paradiso and there isn’t a better way by preparing his fans for the festival other than new music.

Photo by Seven Lions

Now that he has us pumped with his new releases, it adds the cherry on top for the days get closer and closer to Paradiso 2017.

The stacked line up below includes Seven Lions and many other talented artists:

Paradiso 2017 Lineup

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Finally, check out the Paradiso Festival 2015 Official Aftermovie, to get what this festival was like two years ago… I wonder what new levels of production the curators will dream into fruition this year.

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