Since catching his set and meeting with us for an exclusive interview at Nocturnal Wonderland we just haven’t been able to take our eyes off Pluto, and his growing talent. Many of us here at thatDROP have become fans and we thought we should share with you a golden find. 

Check out Pluto’s Nocturnal Wonderland Recap Video:

Last week, Pluto decided to launch a mixtape series called ‘Outer Thoughts’, a monthly mini-tape of entirely original and unreleased productions.

Pluto Mini Mix ‘Outer Thoughts’

As a nice bonus, all volumes will be available for free listening and download. Being in the studio as often as possible, and school taking up the rest of his time, he realized he makes too much music, and most of it may not ever make it out. So lucky for us, he couldn’t let the good beats go unheard and wanted to start showcasing his wondrous talent.

With wrapping up his upcoming debut album that will be released in the first quarter of 2018, he will be hiding pieces of album tracks within these mixes for his fans to try and decipher. How fun!

The first release is quite intimate and super chill allowing your mind to drift to think deeply about the world around us.

Check it out and download for free Volume 1 of ‘Outer Thoughts’. 

We are looking forward to the future volumes to be released. Check out our exclusive interview with Pluto from Nocturnal Wonderland HERE. Discover more music we found for free download by clicking here

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