Our Word On Life Is Beautiful Festival in Downtown Las Vegas

On September 22, 2017, Life Is Beautiful took place in Downtown Las Vegas.  This glorious festival was a vast escape that led to a strong realization. Underneath the darkness that consumes our everyday lives, a glimpse of light can and will always breakthrough to show us hope. The sun always shines again.

Life truly was beautiful in Downtown Las Vegas at this lighthearted, enthralling festival.

Life Is Beautiful
Life is Beautiful Festival – Downtown Las Vegas | Photo by Austin Neill

Inside the walls of the adrenaline city, Life Is Beautiful provided a prolific amount of culture and an eclectic range of melodic airwaves.

Every attendee was surrounded by a beautiful, diverse community, and each stage owned a distinct sound and vibe. The Fremont Stage made dreams come true with acts as big as Troyboi, Pretty Lights, Whethan and Matoma, while Muse, Chance The Rapper, Zhu and MGMT dominated other platforms.

Travis Barker Slaying Blink-182’s Set at Life Is Beautiful | Photo: Alexa Molinaro

Cirque Du Soleil took us on a trip out of this world.

Life Is Beautiful – Cirque du Soleil | Photo By Benjamin Esakof via Facebook
Cirque du Soleil
Life Is Beautiful – Cirque du Soleil | Photo via Facebook

Bill Nye fulfilled festival goers childhood wishes.

Ferris wheels, glistering lights, and sight-seeing attractions allowed attendees to reach a feeling of pureness and innocence, things we often lose sight of in the real world.

Life Is Beautiful was an opportunity for those to seek connection. The consistent security throughout the venue was nothing less than reassuring, a necessary contribution to the festival. Staff members made themselves clearly visible in and out of the pits. The prime organization of the event made the festival easily accessible and attendee-friendly.

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Festival goers regained an understanding of life’s beauty and found joy within.

This magnetic event will be looked forward to for years to come.

Being on my best friend’s shoulders during Muse was simply happy. It was a good moment, no, more than that actually, it was the peak of my experience! Confetti came from all sorts of directions while I sang my heart out to ‘Madness’ and it was just perfect. Thinking about that single moment automatically draws the biggest smile on my face. I can’t event imagine the memories that I will make next year!

Life Is Beautiful via Facebook

The festival posted an inspiring message on Facebook this week:

Believe in community. Believe that we can make the world a more beautiful and loving place. Gather strength from these ideals and come together to support and love one another. We will overcome hate and divisiveness together. We will lean on each other and move forward. We must create a world in which love is the only option.

Today, Love Hard | Source: Life is Beautiful Facebook

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