Throwback Thursday: PANTyRAID - Enter the Machine

Throwback Thursday: PANTyRAID – Enter the Machine

Today we’re throwing it back to an oldie that deserves to be in everyone’s auditory arsenal: PANTyRAID’s classic track, “Enter the Machine”.

In what some would label as a production supergroup, PANTyRAID is composed of Ooah (1/3 of L.A. dance music titans The Glitch Mob) and Martin Folb AKA MartyParty.

Individually and through their respective collaborations, each artist has gained a massive following in their own respect.

Together as PANTyRAID, the duo has done nothing but grow their fame through Ooah and MartyParty’s one-of-a-kind deep and dirty blend of crunked-out bass music.

Low, slow, and with the dark edge of an impending nightmare – PANTyRAID’s encapsulate the deep and dark sound of gritty bass music.

“Enter the Machine” is a perfect example of the duo’s work with it’s meandering cadence, heavy bass, and impeccable production. Starting at a relaxed pace, the bass filters in over a simple drum beat. As things pick up, multiple layers of warped and warbled bass make their way to the forefront as Little John samples rocket over the top for a hype edge on their dark and grimy sound.

Never losing its gloomy edge, “Enter the Machine” hangs back and sits deep in the pocket. Reminiscent of the dark early days of dubstep, the song lays it on heavily as it slyly moves through its paces, leaving everyone entranced with it’s raw power.

Get dirty with PANTyRAID’s dark chiller of a track, “Enter the Machine”, below.

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