Pasquale Rotella Hints at Massive Surprises Coming to EDC Las Vegas

EDMbiz 2014. Photo – EDMbiz – Facebook.

With one day until thousands of ravers from around the world convene under the electric sky, EDMbiz day 2 is well underway. Examining the evolution of dance music over the past two decades, the day’s second panel – “20 Years of Dance Music Through the Lens of AM Only” – featured Jono Grant (Above & Beyond), Pasquale Rotella (CEO, Insomniac Events), and executives from AM Only.

The speakers examined how the industry has evolved from their days promoting underground events on the streets to the massive global allure of the EDM events of today.

When asked by panelist Lee Anderson (VP, East Coast, AM Only) what we might see this weekend at Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas Pasquale Rotella stated, “I’m so excited. I’ve never done anything like what we’re doing this weekend… I thought last year was good, this year is on a whole other level.”

We can’t wait to see how Insomniac continues to elevate the experience this weekend at EDC Las Vegas.

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