PANTyRAiD Album Release Is Imminent After Two Year Break

Get ready world; There’s a PANTyRAiD coming and there’s nothing that you can do about it.

Recently the Los Angeles based duo of Ooah (1/3 of The Glitch Mob, 1/2 of PANTyRAiD) and MartyParty (the other 1/2 of PANTyRAiD) announced that they’ve wrapped up writing and recording their first new album in almost two years.

That’s right. New f***ing PANTyRAiD. Sit on that for a second. Marinate in it. Take it all in. Excited? We thought so.

As the unexpected album announcement bounces from brain to brain, crisscrossing the globe one bass head at a time, worldwide excitement is only growing. One can be sure that speakerboxes across the world are as restless as we are: trembling and quaking in anticipation, waiting to pump out some of the deepest, dirtiest, and downright sexiest bass music known to man.

PANTyRAiD Album Release
The production tag-team that is PANTyRAiD: MartyParty (left) and Ooah (right)

From the outset PANTyRAiD has brought something different to the table, something new, etching out a unique space and bringing something different to the electronic scene.

They brought hip-hop into the EDM mainstream before it was commonplace – before trap was trap.

Really, it’s a mix of Ooah’s a la The Glitch Mob production, monstrous progression-driven songs with a penchant for skyscraper tall analog synths and epic Lord of the Rings sized melodies, and MartyParty’s down low purple-dub-club-banger sensibilities. It’s a mutant love baby born from purple dub and hip-hop, sprinkled in with some other flavors. And oh my is it tasty.

From the beginning, they hit home with the EDM community.

Their first album and cult classic The Sauce shook up dance floors and music junkies alike – creating a new scene as it burgeoned along. What does it sound like? New-age production mixed with slower-than-traditional tempos, all with a heavy focus on the low end. It’s dark, yet insanely bouncy. It’s heavy, yet somehow upbeat. It’s experimental, yet also setting the bar for the rest of the world to follow.

It’s not the regular formula for your typical riot-causing-rabble-rousing-club-tracks.

It’s much slower than most of that. It’s deeper. It’s a little more thoughtful, seemingly, and more composed. Tracks don’t run intro-chorus-bridge-chorus-outro. They follow a more sinister progression. Darker and more introspective. Meandering around the mental space, weaving and shifting, zigzagging sneakily toward something; but just what we don’t quite know.

It’s easy to imagine the infamous villain The Joker getting down to these tunes in his sleep – the musical musings of a dark mastermind hard at work. The comparison seems fitting.

When it comes out nobody knows exactly what this album has in store for us.

MartyParty and Ooah took two weeks out of their busy touring schedules, combining forces and collaborating to knock out the album in record time.

Normally, two weeks seems like a short time to kick out a record. But these guys are different. With their combined experience in the production world, two weeks is ample time to create some mind-bendingly good tunes. Just look at their past work, if The Glitch Mob discography and MartyParty’s The Purple Album don’t convince you, nothing will.

But, as no definite release date has been set yet, it’s unsure of how long we’ll have to wait for these tunes. It’s already being hyped via their Facebook page, so one can (hopefully) assume that it’s all set and ready to go except for final mixing and mastering.

Whenever it is, stay tuned.

You won’t want to miss the new PANTyRAiD album.

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