Our Lost Lands Music Festival Playlist Is Built For Us Bassheads

The time has finally come, the weekend where most diehard Basshead’s dreams comes true. Excision has put a lot of effort into making Lost Lands Music Festival a well rounded experience. After years of being on the road, he knows what works and what doesn’t.

Plenty of updates have been posted in the last couple weeks. Ideas regarding security measures, safety, camping, sound, decoration and the overall atmosphere have been elaborated on. Everything seems to be coming together and our expectations are high.

Now its time to dig into the incredible lineup of artists that makes Lost Lands a next level bass festival.

Lost Lands Lineup

While there’s some really HUGE names on the bill, there’s also some lesser known artists that are more than deserving of a spot at this festival. One of the best parts of being at a festival of this caliber is discovering new artists you never would have heard of or seen live otherwise.

We’ve decided to create a playlist with music from those you may not have heard of before.

Listen to our Lost Lands Playlist:

Included in the playlist are Sean 216 and RSK who are well known for bringing the bass to Pittsburgh. Each of them has opened up for some prominent shows in the area. Also having played at Moonrise, they are no strangers to a large-scale festival stage. Without a doubt we can expect for them to bring their all this weekend.

Another great artist you don’t want to miss goes by the name of TRUTH.

TRUTH @ The Untz Festival photo credit JV Photography

Hailing from New Zealand, Andre Fernandez and Tristan Roake have gained a massive worldwide following. Well known for their sinister sound, you can expect some of the best experimental bass of the weekend with this act.

roeVy is an act based out of Columbus, OH. Notorious for their dark visuals and laser eyed demon masks, a live roeVy show is a whole new experience. Excessive energy and raw talent makes them a perfect fit for the first ever Lost Lands Festival.

photo credit roeVy

Um.. is a duo who recently made a name for themselves in the scene.

They just released a full set from their Shambhala performance and many were impressed with their original booming sound. Their newest singles are rich and full toned that resonate with any bass enthusiast. You won’t be disappointed with them as the closing act.

In case responsibilities or funds are preventing you from joining this dinosaur filled extravanganza, the event will be streamed live all weekend long.

To live stream go to FB.com/Lostlandsmusicfestival

Stream Lost Lands

Find out more of what Excision has in store for us Bassheads by reading our recent article covering his ideas around the festival’s sound design and more by clicking here.

Lost Lands Music Festival:

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