French house music duo Alexandre Chiere and Paul Cucuron make up the live instrumental electronic project, Synapson. Together they have been making an imprint throughout the scene by performing at festivals and world-renowned venues around Europe like Axe Boat Festival, Les Croisières Electro and Zenith Paris.

Lately they got their hands on Joris Delaxroix’s deep house single ‘Air France’ and turned it into complete filth.

Synapson remix of Joris Delacroix’s ‘Air France’

As you listen to ‘Air France’ the samples Synapson plays with make it sound like you’re getting closer to a turbine. The dynamics of this track will be bouncing around your head keeping you fixated on the rapid beat and pleasing effects.

Why more people do not know about this deep house gem is the question that quickly comes to mind.

Listen to Synapson’s remix of Joris Delacroix’s ‘Air France’ below:

Joris Delacroix is another French house and techno DJ you should explore. He has a ton of mixes and podcasts to discover on his SoundCloud. Start with his elegant track ‘Empire’ then sample his satisfying techno mix.

Listen to Joris Delacroix’s techno mix: 

Unfortunately, there are no shows for Synapson scheduled at the moment. You will be able to find Joris at Théâtre Lino Ventura Nice Officiel in Nice, France on October 21st. Keep up with Synapson and Joris Delacroix by following them on their social media handles linked below.

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