MNEK - More Than A Miracle
MNEK – More Than A Miracle

This is a super strong contender for the ear-worm of the year.

If you have been addicted to Disclosure or Sam Smith this is the tune to listen to. Calling upon the stylistics of the 90’s new-jack-swing and dance/club music, MNEK proves how the music then could be so effective 20 years later with “new” technology.

MNEK – Uzo Emenike – is a London music producer who has written music for various artists including his most recent contribution on Madonna’s lead single “Living For Love.” His EP Small Talk dropped March 20th and this track “More Than A Miracle” is a sure-fire hit.

“More Than A Miracle” slowly builds up highlighting MNEK’s warm vocals right up front.

In traditional pop sense, this is the perfect build-up. The first verse drives you to the pre-chorus where the rhythms become more prominent, and then slides you right into the addictive chorus. The chorus is the pulse and heart of the song and, boy oh boy, does it do wonders.

This is the type of song you could play any point of the day and make you first pump at any moments notice or wish you had a convertible to sing at the top of your lungs.

Jam out below and catch the fever before MNEK hits it huge this year.

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