Marvin Gay "Ain't That Peculiar" Beshken remix
Marvin Gay – Ain’t That Peculiar (Beshken Remix)

Beshken is back with a revamp of the 1966 classic Marvin Gaye tune “Ain’t That Peculair”. Typical with Beshken, the production is flawless on this track. As always, there is a great balance of upbeat, midtempo, and breaks to keep the pace of the track keeps you listening.

The beginning of this Beshken remix allows Marvin Gaye’s vocals to shine. This is also the first time you get to hear any other lyrics besides the hook: “Ain’t that peculiar, peculiarlity, ain’t that peculiar baby, peculair as can be”. Surrounding the vocals is a sparce sonic soundscape which compliments it nicely. It builds up by adding tiny elements and details to help set-up Beshken’s real style.

Then, Beshken gives us the warmup with Marvin Gaye’s classic “Woo!” The fun has officially begun. He then pulls its back into a reggaeton/midtempo break to get the head pulsing again. This second verse is more put together and stronger.

Just when ou think you’re ready, the hook swells and swirls with shimmering, wide, synth pads that are super wet. A deep bass staggeringly walks underneath it all. Just as you get into the groove, Beshken pulls back again utilizing a simple piano roll to calm it down.

Make sure you grab the free download from the SoundCloud page for another stellar Beshken track; Marvin Gaye “Ain’t That Peculair” Remix. Enjoy!

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