Ludacris ft. Wiz Khalifa, Jeremih & Cashmere Cat – Party Girls (Southern Hospitality Remixes) [Free Download]

Ludacris "Party Girls" feat. Jeremih/Wiz Khalifa/Cashmere Cat Remixes
Ludacris “Party Girls” feat. Jeremih/Wiz Khalifa/Cashmere Cat Remixes

2014 was a big year for producer Cashmere Cat.

He had a tremendous MoMA PS1 Warm-up set that pulled him into multiple publications and his music garnered tons of acclaim across the globe. As his success grew, he was featured more for remixes, and then pulled in to produce artists like Ariana Grande  as well as Kanye West recently (Adidas runway show, and SNL 40).

Cashmere Cat was even picked up by Ludacris to help produce “Party Girls” in 2014 featuring a hook by Jeremih and a verse from Wiz Khalifa.

Courtesy of The Fader magazine 3, amazing remixes were constructed by Lunice, Sinjin Hawke, and Brodinski.

All 3 have different takes on this track amazing track and, coincidentally enough, all 3 are working with Kanye West on his latest album that Cashmere Cat has also been connected to.

Lunice Live
Lunice Live

First of the remixes is the Lunice re-work of “Party Girls”. Lunice is known as a LuckyMe producer who is half of TNGHT with Hudson Mohawke (another Kanye West collaborator). This version was previewed in the aforemention MoMA PS1 Warm-Up that Cashmere Cat did. Keeping with the midtempo and slower groove, Lunice adds his flare through his older trap/hip-hop influences in drums as well as towards the latter half of the song (2:52 on).

He pitches up the vocals with higher and lower octaves matching the main melody. Lunice always finds a way to spice up any track (Bastille’s “Bad Blood” for example) through his ability to draw out darker elements and provide hip-hop elements.

Sinjin Hawke via Twitter
Sinjin Hawke

Sinjin Hawke worked with Cashmere Cat on the album-opener track “Wolves” for Kanye West’s unreleased new album. Sinjin Hawke gives “Party Girls” a pop-vibe using “ooo” coo’s as soon as the song opens up  and further evolves the vocals (a Sinjin Hawke staple) especially at a short and sweet moment at 3:05. He sprinkles the song with blips and squeaks to lay out his vibe along with tighter and clearer drum work beneath it all to keep it moving forward. Sinjin Hawke makes remixes that are more subtle in their re-workings, but absolutely improve upon the original.

Brodinski is the last of the remixers for Ludacris’s “Party Girls” jam. Brodinski has a very dark take on


music, and in this case he makes no exception. If you liked Kanye West’s “Yeezus” album, he’s the mastermind behind “Send It Up” and helped make “Black Skinhead”.

His remix of “Party Girls” flips it entirely on its head – right away you know you are no longer listening to anything remotely close to the original. You almost feel like you’re leaving the party really drunk as opposed to the other two where you were either at the beginning of the party (Sinjin Hawke), or having a guest over after the party (Lunice) – still, this version is enjoyable on it’s own.

This version is “mean-muggin” and way more mysterious in style.

Fun Note:

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No matter what you’re looking for or mood you’re in, these remixes of Cashmere Cat’s produced track “Party Girls” for Ludacris hits all the high notes you’ll need for the weekend. All the tracks are available for download individually or via .Zip through SoundCloud! Enjoy!

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