Since Louis the Child‘s first hit in 2015, ‘It’s Strange’, they have unquestionably been riding the success train. As we expected six months ago with the release of their EP, ‘Love Is Alive‘, this was only to keep us assiduous as they kept rather busy making new music.

Now, they not only stun us with a new 25-minute unreleased instrumental mix called, ‘Candy’, they also, provide it as a free download and with a visual companion.

‘Candy’ cover photo by Louis the Child

Throughout the entire mix, you’re in a joyous, bubbly state of mind. ‘Candy’ merges a broad range of beats from piano keys as well as sounds from woodwind instruments like chimes. They have a beautiful future bass blend and fun vocal sampling, then halfway through they unleash some heavier drops.

Louis the Child shared a couple of words regards to ‘Candy’:

We’re so excited to share ‘Candy’ with you! It’s a 25 minute mix of some unreleased music that we’ve made over the past few years. We also made a visual companion for you to enjoy while you listen.

Along with all the amazing additions of a video, free download, they top it off with the full tracklist below:

Full ‘Candy’ Tracklist by Louis the Child

Enjoy the new Louis The Child mix below along with a visual companion to enlighten your eyes:

Listen to a bonus track by Louis the Child, ‘It’s Strange’:

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