Plurmaid Swabs The Deck With Naked Body During Keys N Krates Ship Wrecked Tour

keys n krates ship wrecked tour
keys n krates ship wrecked tour

Keys N Krates washed up in Tallahassee to launch their Ship Wrecked Tour last Wednesday and continued cannon blasting dirty beats and booming bass across Florida until Saturday night.

The talent infused Canadian trio introduces a new aged flare to electronic dance music with diverse instrumental tones.

Performing live, these guys create an authentic sound rarely heard in our dance community.

Adam Tune uses drums to hammer out the beat, David Matisse produces a smooth flow with his keyboard and mixing all of the music together on the turntables is Jr Flo. The three combined not only generate a unique sound but also ignite an excitement in the crowd with their interactive performances.

Needless to say, we have been awaiting this tour since speaking with them during our exclusive interview following TomorrowWorld.

Keys N Krates Ship Wrecked Tour
An elusive plurmaid swabbed the deck with her naked body during Keys N Krates Ship Wrecked Tour.

Sailing their way through Florida, Keys N Krates laid down some sick drops in Tallahassee, Orlando, Gainesville and Tampa. The Ship Wrecked Tour laid anchor at District 3, Simon’s Night Club, Venue 578 and Encore.

Following the tour’s pirate theme, the transformed night clubs enchanted us with their high seas undercurrent and nautical appearance. The venues welcomed us into their salty old world where we plundered the seas as Keys N Krates and local DJs pillaged through the speakers with their barbaric beats.

The crowd of scalawags released mayhem while listening to the epic sounds of some of Florida’s home-grown talent like Karpy, Team Jaguar, and DVNK SINATRV. Time after time Keys N Krates buried the audience like sunken treasure with their lawless fusion of instrumentals.

The last show of the Ship Wrecked Tour was a night to remember for everyone involved. An elusive plurmaid swabbed the deck with her naked body and then hooked onto the back of Jr Flo before walking the plank with security in tow.

This brought a whole new definition to PLURNT.

Keys N Krates conquered Florida on their Ship Wrecked Tour and left hundreds of satisfied land lovers in their wake.

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