Hitchhiker’s Eleven Might Be The Trippiest Music Video Ever [Video]

hitchhiker eleven music video
Hitchhiker’s video for “Eleven” might be the trippiest music video we have ever seen.

For a while, Korean producer Hitchhiker was shrouded in mystery, made all the more captivating by this extremely trippy video for his song “Eleven.”

Though this track has been out now for a couple months, even receiving some love from Diplo, it was brought to our attention at the end of Bassnectar’s 360 NYE experience as he closed out his life changing set with a sick remix. Intertwined with that signature West Coast whine, we hope that an unreleased Bassnectar remix of this track is in the near future.

hitchhiker eleven music video

Nonetheless, this might take the trophy for trippiest music video we have ever seen. This is even better considering how dope the track itself is. We’ll let you decide.

Watch Hitchhiker’s music video for “Eleven” below.

The Story of Hitchhiker:

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