Jacques Greene – No Excuse (Yung Gud Remix)

Jacques Greene - No Excuse (Yung Gud Remix)
Jacques Greene – No Excuse (Yung Gud Remix)

Jacques Greene is a House producer from Canada on LuckyMe Records. His latest EP Phantom Vibrate features the lead single “No Excuse”. Jacques Greene has always had an ear for sonics and “No Excuse” seemed like he finally hit his stride by combining his R&B influences with progressive house.

It was polished, flowed from beginning to end, and contained more substance.

The Yung Gud VIP Remix, included in the EP, uses the beginning lyrics, “You’re my love, there’s really no excuse.”

Intelligently, he allows the original texture to echo until the 0:40 when Yung Gud pulls in his soundscape aesthetic.

The flip at the 1:00 mark turns the whole song on its head.

Eighteen year old Yung Gud, DJ Micke Berlander, quit high school in Sweden to continue to produce beats. He is most famously known for his work with Yung Lean and the track “Kyoto”.

For this remix, his bass work is wonky, grime-y, loud, and adds in the flare of Egyptian/Middle Eastern inspired synth melodies on top. Get your best headphones on or turn your car’s volume up to full tilt – this one is sure to test out your bass and sound system.

Listen to Yung Gud’s remix of “No Excuse” by Jacques Greene below.