Insomniac Events Celebrates 2 Years of Night Owl Radio at Exchange LA

Night Owl Radio is a weekly show hosted by the founder of Insomniac Events, Pasquale Rotella. Directly from Insomniac HQ in Los Angeles, Pasquale features many guest artists, interactions with fans, and releases exclusive information on upcoming events.

Recently, Insomniac Events threw a party for Night Owl Radio’s two year anniversary at the finest LA nightclub.

photo credit @wearenightowls for Insomniac

The party was hosted at Exchange LA (EXLA) in downtown Los Angeles,”The Best Club in the West” according to DJ MAG. There is no surprise to have an anticipated wild dance party like this one at this venue. The venue is known for bringing big name acts and repetitive sold out shows.

EXLA was formerly the Los Angeles Stock Exchange, it’s four stories high, and nearly 25,000 square feet, now it’s perfect for a premier LA nightclub.

photo credit @wearenightowls for Insomniac

The Night Owl Radio party had a well-curated artist lineup which included Dr. Fresch, CID, Bonnie x Clyde, and Dombresky.

Tony Fresch, also known as Dr. Fresch has his own spin on house music that leans toward hip-hop, bassline, and future. Dr. Fresch played what he likes to call “future ghetto,” and undeniably it was superior. DJ duo Bonnie x Clyde brought the bass to the stage with a vigorous set continuously pumping the crowd, and unresistant to dance endlessly throughout their set.

House music was widely spread through the air when Dombresky performed.

It was all groovy house tunes encouraging fans to shuffle on the dance floor. Another talented producer who performed, is a Grammy award winner, CID. He has received a lot of praise for his collaborations with artists like Kaskade and Tiesto.

photo credit @wearenightowls for Insomniac
photo credit @wearenightowls for Insomniac
photo credit @wearenightowls for Insomniac

Besides amazing performances from all the artists, the venue was packed and full of energy! Pasquale Rotella himself enjoyed the event in VIP booths and spotted interacting with some fans that approached him.

The anniversary party exceeded attendees’ expectations leaving our imagination running wild on what could unfold for next year’s celebration.

photo credit @wearenightowls for Insomniac
photo credit @wearenightowls for Insomniac

Take a listen to Bonnie x Clyde’s ‘Rise Above’:

You can take a listen to Night Owl Radio episodes below:

Finally, take a look at Exchange LA’s event calendar to see what other big names they are pulling into the club this summer by clicking here. Here is how the rest of their July will go:

Exchange LA Calendar

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