Gramatik Just Dropped a New Album For Free and All is Right in the World

Gramatik just dropped his first album in 2 years, “Epigram” and its completely free to stream and download. Gramatik, you are a legend among men. I’m four tracks in and this is absolute fire as expected. I am without speech, just turn the bass up people because this will guarantee to make your weekend.

“On my first few releases, I would sample music from the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s that could be flipped in a cool way. I specifically like combining samples from like 5 or 6 different songs from different genres and different eras of music, taking bits and pieces of each song and warping and tuning them all together to form a new song. We call that collage sampling,” explains Denis Jašarević aka Gramatik. “I still do that sometimes, but for Epigram I sampled my musician friends. It’s a bigger challenge to make a good song that way, which helps me progress as an artist. You’re also able to achieve a higher level of originality, if you’re successful.”

Praise for Gramatik:

“At festivals and venues around the world, Gramatik turns bass music into a supremely musical affair” – THUMP

Gramatik creates a whirlwind of genres that span hip-hop, funk, jazz, trap, dubstep, and everything in-between.” – THE HUFFINGTON POST

“Denis Jašarević is one of Brooklyn’s most compelling producers. His signature brand of electro-funk has helped to make him one of festival season’s biggest names.” – FREE WILLIAMSBURG

“Few EDM pioneers are making as much noise as Slovenia-born, Brooklyn-based artist Gramatik…he isn’t your average fist-pumping, build-and-drop kind of DJ. His music is rooted in blues and funk, like much golden age hip-hop.” – .MIC 

Gramatik - Epigram
Gramatik – Epigram

Gramatik Tour Dates

Mar. 26 – Paris, FR – Zenith
Apr. 23 – Lille, FR – Zenith
May 27-29 – Chillicothe, IL – Summer Camp Festival
Jun. 3 – Clemont Ferrand, FR – Europa Vox Festival
Jun. 4 – Amsterdam, NL – Amsterdam Open Air
Jun. 5 – Bulligny, FR – Jardin Du Michel
Jun. 10-13 – Bethel, NY – Mysteryland
Jun. 17 – Morrison, CO – Red Rocks Amphitheatre ***
Jun. 30 – St. Gallen, CH – Open Air St. Gallen
Jul. 1-2 – Saint Denis De Gastines, FR – Au Foin De LA Rue Festival
Jul. 8 – Pont Du Gard, FR – Lives Au Pont Festival
Jul. 8-10 – Vallee De Ville, FR – Decibulles Festival
Jul. 14-17 – Bern, CH – Gurten Festival
Jul. 20 – Florence, IT – Decibel Open Air
Jul. 22 – Milan, IT – Market Sound (Chemical Brothers After Party)
Jul. 23 – Collegno, IT – Flowers Festival
Jul. 29-31 – Montreal, CA – Osheaga Festival
Aug. 11-14 – Darrington, WA – Summer Meltdown

***w/ Hippie Sabotage, Sweater Beats, The Geek X VRV

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