GLD Talks New Flux Pavilion Remix and All GLD Everything Tour Stories

GLD, the product of Mattie McFly and Jake Gold, is on a mission to bring music to new heights. Holding onto their hardcore and punk roots, Mattie and Jake are bringing that edge to grow a new branch of electronic music.

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The duo is in the middle of their ‘All GLD Everything’ tour and have been delivering a wide variety of fresh music, exclaiming “genres are dead” but “music lives forever.”

GLD’s high energy remix of Flux Pavilion’s “Symphony” dropped today.

Listen to the GLD remix of Flux Pavilion’s ‘Symphony’:

Over the past few years they’ve garnered support from some of the biggest names in the industry, including The Chainsmokers, Flosstradamus (who showed up at one of their recent shows), Skrillex, Diplo, and DJ Snake.

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We chatted with GLD to get the latest on the tour, their creation process, and their fire Flux remix.

You guys are in the midst of your All GLD Everything tour across the US, I hope you guys are having a ball. How is it going? Do you have any funny or favorite moments that you can share? What tracks have you guys been dropping that really makes the dancefloor go nuts? Are there anymore stops added yet?

It’s honestly been unreal this is something Jake & I always dreamed of doing and it’s truly a blessing to be able to do this. Honestly wouldn’t be possible w/o our amazing team shoutout MERKITMGMT! I think our favorite moment thus far has been when Flosstradamus just showed up behind us during our set at our Sacramento show. We vibed out with everyone there and had an insane b2b. We’ve been dropping so much of our own unreleased music & it all goes off!

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What is one of the wildest things you witnessed at one of your shows or at an electronic music event in general?

I mean we’ve seen people hang from ceilings and jump over rails and even seen people get knocked out in mosh pits. Would have to say one of the wildest moments was lil pump trying to buy our friend’s dog at carnage’s pool party in Miami. That or witnessing Skrillex close Webster hall and taking shots with him and everyone at the basement bar at 7am. Never gonna forget that.

Do you have any pre-set rituals? What do you guys do to prepare for a set?

Tequila mostly. We def like to chill out, either going out for food or chilling at our hotel. But we usually get to shows a good hour early. You’ll always catch us behind the DJ gettin a vibe of the crowd with a laptop open rekordboxing songs last minute.

Listen to GLD’s ‘In Love With The Bassline’:

I understand you guys come from a background of hardcore and punk music. How do you incorporate those roots into electronic music? What are some unconventional tracks that you have mixed into your sets?

A big part of our sound is using acoustic/analog instruments. Either incorporating live drums or guitars or just processing electronic sounds as if they were live instruments. Love throwing electronic basses or 808s in guitar amps, or layer guitar over lead sounds. We pretty much always play some good punk pop and hardcore music.

What do you enjoy most about creating music?

We love pushing boundaries and creating music that genuinely excites us.

What is your track writing process like?

Our writing process is very collaborative, we both like to be really involved in the process and bounce ideas back and forth until we have the best production possible. We also smoke lots and lots of WEED so that helps hahaha

We love your high energy dubstep and mid-tempo beats that hit fierce and hard, what attracted you guys to start creating this signature sound? How do you hope your fans feel when listening to your music?

Well we’ve always wanted to be different and standout, I feel like our hardcore / pop punk roots really helped us mold our sound. We want to our music to inspire others I think that is our greatest mission. We really want to break the barriers where producers feel they have to limit themselves or confine themselves to a specific genre or style of music.

Can you describe your sound in 3 words or less?


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You guys are making some big moves lately, especially after NGHTMRE dropped your track during Coachella and this new remix of Flux Pavilion’s ‘Symphony’. How did those opportunities come into fruition? What distinct raw elements did you add to GLDify this Flux’s ‘Symphony’?

The opportunities kinda just happened, we really just try to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves. We wanted to make the Flux remix even more of a Symphony. Just adding percussion drums guitars and our sound design really brought the track together, creating the ultimate EDM Symphony.

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Where and when did you guys start DJing and how has the road been leading you to today?

We started the GLD project about 4 years ago and just taught ourselves how to DJ so we could play all the music we were creating out.

What do you love most about the electronic music community?

I think we’ve both always loved the dance music community because of how much culture it holds.

Listen to GLD’s ‘Hate Machine’:

What would you be doing if you weren’t DJing?

Music has really been the only option for both of us. I think we both decide we were in this for the FULL SEND early on in our careers.


Do you have any life hacks?

Working out and taking care of yourself makes a huge difference especially when you are on the road. Jake just started doing charcoal masks. He says his skin has never been clearer lol. Eating healthy also makes you feel so much better in general.

Listen to GLD’s ‘Hate Machine’:

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