Ephwurd Takes Us Down The Rabbit Hole In New Music Video

After releasing their free download under the title of “Rip It Up“, Ephwurd (AKA Baishaus and Datsik) recently made a splash when the duo dropped their new single and lyric-video, “Function” featuring Oneeva. “Function” mixes the familiar with the unknown as Ephwurd experiments with new production styles.

Enjoy adventuring down the rabbit hole through Ephwurd’s futuristic music video.

Released on their very own imprint, Eph’d Up Records, “Function” flashes back to turn-of-the-decade dance music when house faced more “harder” elements commonly found in the introduction of early dubstep to the mainstream. While “Function” explores harder concepts, Oneeva‘s vocals bring the track back to Earth, as her voice is comparable with retro synth riffs.

Natalie Kyoko Waters of Oneeva is clearly familiar with slinging catchy hooks, since her contributions meld perfectly with the increasingly jarring elements of Ephwurd’s brand new single.

With wobbling elements creating an unholy union of past and present, “Function” has the capability of surprising listeners with its dub-tech-house triple combination.

Relating to their brand new video released in conjunction with the single, Ephwurd decided to take an I, Robot approach that gives a nod to Japanese robotics and the ilk associated with Science Fiction imagery. With the lyrics being projected against the images and clips of machinery, which bends the lines between reality and CGI, viewers can reminisce with the Matrix-esque visuals projecting across the screen as Oneeva continues to serenade.

Compared to their earlier work, Ephwurd continues to surprise audiences with their sporadic-yet-cohesively frequent releases, which seem to flip genres with every new single. It has almost proved impossible to know what is to come next for this dynamic duo, but one thing is clear: making danceable, radio-friendly avante-garde electronic music is no easy feat, but Ephwurd sure has the chops for it, download “Function” here.

photo credit Ephwurd

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