Ekali and ZHU’s Collaboration Expands the Boundaries of Sound

Ekali & ZHU ‘Blame’

Even after 43 shows in less than 2 months, Ekali found the time to hit the studio to officially release his evolutionary single with ZHU titled, ‘Blame’ on OWSLA records. Complete with soulful top-line vocals, progressions that are new to the ear and massive brass hits, ‘Blame’ will take you to the next level.

Originally debuted at Life Is Beautiful, ‘Blame’ is out now as a free download.

The collaboration seems to be inevitable and necessary as Ekali’s brass prowess and ZHU’s smooth lead synths and vocals blend harmoniously to pave a new frontier for sonic exploration. For lack of human letters to formulate words that would describe this track, it is simply time to listen and enjoy…  Download ‘Blame” for free

Listen to ‘Blame’ by Ekali & ZHU:

After a long tour Ekali has no shows announced other than his set a Coachella in April.

Ekali photo credit Brandon Artis Photography

Over the past couple months the pioneer has also released a single title ‘Past Life’ featuring Opia. The single provides a softer, more serene atmosphere compared to what Ekali typically releases. ‘Past Life’ provides a melodic vibe that all will find captivating while indie duo Opia’s vocals draw you in.

Listen to Ekali’s ‘Past Life’ ft. Opia:

Now it is time to launch off to ZHU’s new four track EP.

ZHU EP stardustexhalemarrakechdreams

After listening to these new memorizing and monster tracks titled, ‘Star Dust’, ‘Chasing Marrakech‘, ‘Exhale‘, ‘Dreams’ featuring NERO, you will be sure to be prompt for his set a Electric Forest this year.

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