Rip It Up To Ephwurd’s Latest Dirty Dubstep Single

Behind the dubstep duo, Ephwurd is Datsik and Bais Haus who have been doing all they can to produce only the most diverse material by bringing their two polar styles together. With their new single, ‘Function’ featuring Oneeva, their avant-garde sensibilities do not seem to be halting anytime soon.

For ‘Function’, dirty dubstep merges with progressive house for a drop that rips.

Ephwurd ‘Function’ ft. Oneeva Free Download

‘Function’ is elevated with Ephwurd’s signature punch that they never fail to include in their tracks. With a simple vocal riff donated by Oneeva, wicked lyrics glide in stiff motions across the futuristic percussion, creating a surreal atmosphere to get lost in.

Ephwurd surprises their listeners by including just enough melody to please the light-weight fans, but by fleshing in fierce tech-drops they certainly threaten the mainstream status-quo.

Bais Haus‘ influence in the track clearly shines through the swifter material, while Datsik takes the helm behind the heavy drops which ruffle just enough feathers to get new listeners on-board. As a stand alone track, ‘Function’, embeds itself in the Ephwurd catalog as the perfect mid-set banger, fitting in comfortably with their recent hits. Download ‘Function’ for free by clicking here.

Listen to and download for free Ephwurd’s ‘Function’ ft. Oneeva below: 

To take a closer look at Oneeva, the music project based out of London, enjoy their breakthrough unique electro house single ‘Cores & Shells’ by clicking here and keep up with them through their social media handles listed below.

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