Drinker’s ‘Not Over You’ Sits at #1 Remix on Hype Machine

Since we last took a look at Drinker, the dreamily cosmic soundscape stemming from the minds of Aaron Mendelsohn and Ariel Loh brought us “Fake It” and permeated the airwaves with its mindful structure. While only beginning their musical journey under the Drinker moniker a year ago with the mellow “Which Way Is South” these two tracks eventually lead to the August 2017 release of their Happy Accident EP, featuring the decadently melodic “Dog Years” and the gritty “Sinking / Feeling“.

Starting their 2018 schedule top-notch, Drinker recently dropped an impressive remix of Not Over You” by the indie electro-pop earworm producer Memoryy 

Drinker’s take on “Not Over You” is much less celebratory in tone compared to the Memorry original mix, but makes up for it in emotional brevity. The duo begins the track with smooth auxiliary percussion split between distinct snare hits to mark the tension of the mix, underscored later by a jamworthy dance-floor bass-line. By the one minute mark, the female vocalizations enter the scene under electro-pop pretense and blend into the mix, supporting the instrumentals nicely. 

The Drinker remix of Memoryy’s “Not Over You” takes the original track to a zen-like melancholy, while only resembling the former in small tributes.

Drinker remix of Memoryy’s “Not Over You”

Their new single also earned its #1 spot on Hype Machine’s Popular Remixes Chart, displaying the growth of the Drinker project and their unique take on homegrown electro-pop. With a strong start into this year’s summer jams, the “Not Over You” remix will delight audiences looking to escape from the caustic speed of the “EDM” mainstream.

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