Christian Löffler Plays Minimal Techno Live Within French Castle Ruins

Christian Löffler puts on a spectacular live set within ruins of a castle South of France. Traveling from Germany to put on this extra special performance, Christian Löffler sets up a sound studio high up within the hills south of France. With stunning views looking out to the world, Christian Löffler goes in on this 1 hour and 15 minute special minimal techno performance.

Christian Löffler has his own unique signature style, playing organic minimal techno music, with his sound combining melancholy with euphoria.  The minimalistic techno vibes echoed throughout Löffler’s temporary venue within Fontaine de Vaucluse, carrying over the cliff, high and mighty, of what once stood as the Château des évêques de Cavaillon.

Christian Löffler Plays Exclusive Live Set for Cercle at Fontaine de Vaucluse

Video credits:
Artist: Christian Löffler ~ Venue: Château des évêques de Cavaillon (Fontaine de Vaucluse)
Produced by Cercle Executive producers: Philippe Tuchmann & Derek Barbell ~ Directed by: Derek Barbell ~ 1st assistant: Pol Souchier ~ Live Editor: Pol Souchier ~ Directors of photography: Houssam Omar & Haytham Omar ~ Sound Engineer: Aurélien Moisan ~ Drone: Cercle Technical partner (truss, sound, lights): FL Group

Check out the Tracklist to Christian Löffler’s set within Fontaine de Vaucluse below:

  • 00:00 Christian Löffler – Neo
  • 08:20 Good Guy Mikesh – Spare (Christian Löffler Remix)
  • 17:00 Christian Löffler – A Hundred Lights
  • 21:08 Christian Löffler – Beirut
  • 27:34 Christian Löffler – Blind
  • 34:40 Christian Löffler – A Forest
  • 41:26 Christian Löffler – Haul (ft. Mohna)
  • 47:30 Christian Löffler – Field
  • 52:55 Christian Löffler – Athlete
  • 58:05 Christian Löffler – Licht
  • 1:04:10 Christian Löffler – Mt. Grace
  • 1:11:30 Christian Löffler – Tausend

Believe it or not, he does play at other locations besides in ruins, so check out the Upcoming Tour Dates of Christian Löffler. This summer he will be bouncing around Spain, Germany, France and Switzerland. Also, be sure to catch more amazing sets brought to us by Cercle.

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