Downtempo Days No. 2: Chill Downtempo, Trip Hop, and Ambient for Your Brain Space [Playlist]

Downtempo aficionados, trip hop addicts, and chillout fiends get ready because this Downtempo Days Playlist about to suck you in and never let go.

Featuring low-key perfection from Emancipator, Gramatik, Nym, Mounika., FKJ, The Polish Ambassador, and more – these soulshining sounds will leave your ears mesmerized.

Downtempo Playlist
Kick back and chill out with our Downtempo Days No. 2 Playlist.

Sifting through the chill, introspective side of electronic music, these artists strive to capture the awe and ambiance of organic sound while pushing it further into the realm of digital possibilities.

Bouncing from Emancipator’s silky smooth sound to Gramatik and Mounika.’s hip hop vibes and beyond, this music has a habit of capturing the imagination and taking the mind to new heights.

These are inspiration tunes.

Perfect for late night lounging, hazy house sessions, and whatever else you’re in the mood to get into – get ready for 17 incredible tracks of pure unadulterated grooves with our Downtempo Days No. 2 Playlist.

Are you ready for more downtempo to keep your eardrums happy?

Click here to check out Downtempo Days Vol. 1.

Track List

  1. Andrew Gentry – Juicy Remix (ft. Emancipator)
  2. The Polish Ambassador, Mr. Lif, & Ayla Nereo – The Caged Bird Sings
  3. Gramatik – Tranquilo
  4. Nym – The Face In The Woods
  5. Mounika. – One & Two
  6. Emancipator ft. Madelyn Grant – Seven Seas
  7. Alice Russell – Hurry On Now (FKJ Remix)
  8. Random Rab ft. Peia – Fate Shadow
  9. Phaeleh ft. Soundmouse – Afterglow
  10. Flamingosis ft. Beatmachinearon – On A Cloud
  11. Emancipator – Kids / Truman Sleeps
  12. Apriori – Love
  13. Random Rab – Nartha
  14. The Human Experience ft. Ignacio Perez Borrell & Igor Rakuz-Izik – Chan Chan
  15. Spoonbill – Depth Of The Shallows
  16. Random Rab & Lapa – 39 Circles (CloZee Remix)
  17. Mounika. – I Fly Like A Bird

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