Disclosure - Bang That
Disclosure – Bang That

Brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence AKA Disclosure took the world by storm three years ago with a little track called ‘Latch’ featuring the unknown (at the time) singer Sam Smith.

During their first performance together only a handful of people clapped. Only months prior they rocked the world with the Jessie Ware remix of ‘Running‘, turning it into a club smash. A lot has changed since then.

Disclosure released their debut album, Settle, a year later to worldwide critical acclaim.

Disclosure brought back the house music roots that originated in Chicago in the 70’s and the colorful pop euphoria from the 90’s house/techno music.

They also thrust Sam Smith as well as countless other vocalists they’ve worked with into the international limelight (Jessie Ware, AlunaGeorge, and London Grammar to name a few).

Disclosure - Bang That

And now – they’re back with a vengeance. ‘Bang That’ has been fired as a warning shot as they’re currently finishing up their sophmore album in the studio.

It’s a statement of their artistry, craft, and style.

This track is a shock to the system that’s made for the arenas and the festival circuit. It’s bombastic, thick, dense, and heavy in all the right places.

Right from the beginning, ‘Bang That’s’ short phrases and simple clap/hi-hat combo start your head nodding.

15 seconds in and the pulse warms up – you feel the build up coming with sirens and synths skirting and echoing around. At the 1:15 mark they pull the rug out from under you with the dirtiest bass hook.

Disclosure has always had a knack for commanding a bass line but ‘Bang That’ is exceptional. To keep things interesting, vocals are layered differently each time as sonic elements are added and subtracted to keep the groove flowing.

The whole track is on par with the dance tune classics and will no doubt turn any live performance into a mad house.

Wondering what all of the hype is about? Check out Disclosure’s track, ‘Bang That’, below.

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