GRiZ Gives His Two Cents on Movement and His Hometown [Video]

GRiZ Gives His Two Cents on Movement and His Hometown [Video]
GRiZ brings his blend of sax driven electro-funk to Detroit’s Hart Plaza for Movement 2015. Photo – GRiZ – Facebook.
Take a journey to Detroit with Movement Electronic Music Festival and GRiZ in ‘Journeys of the Hart’. Held annually in Hart Plaza in downtown Detroit, Movement Electronic Music Festival is an instrumental part of keeping the musical history of Detroit alive.

Initially big in the Motown and rock genres, Detroit and its residents soon became instrumental in the growth and development of the techno movement in the 1980’s.

Detroit became a mecca for EDM lovers in the 80’s and 90’s, and it remains that way today.

In the ‘Journeys of the Hart’ mini-series, Detroit natives and performers for Movement Electronic Music Festivals 2015 are featured as they tell their stories about the city, its influence, and their careers. Focusing on the heart and soul of the city that they love so much, they breathe life back into the once dying metropolis and revitalize it in ways that were never thought possible.

Here’s to GRiZ, Movement, and Detroit. We can’t wait for this year’s shenanigans.

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