Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Release Their Classic Mix of “Roads”

Mere days after releasing their new single “Leaves”, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike delighted fans when they released a second free track. The classic mix of “Roads” had been demanded by fans and the Belgian DJ duo was only too happy to comply.

The track was a collaboration with Deniz Koyu and “Roads” had been featured on the “Bringing Home the Madness” set.

Unlike “Leaves”, “Roads” diverts a bit from the signature big room house sound that is featured in many of the producers’ hit tracks.

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs Deniz Koyu - Roads (Classic Mix)
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs Deniz Koyu – Roads (Classic Mix)

Deniz Koyu‘s progressive house tunes mellows out the usual deep bass and heavy drops of the Belgian DJs and the different sound isn’t a bad one. In fact, it’s refreshing and welcome in an electro house world.

The track opens with a quick beat interspersed with rhythmic breaks and builds to a progressive house melody. The featured vocals are echoing, haunting and very unlike Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, but works perfectly into the song. The following builds are smooth and the song morphs once again into an electro-house anthem.

This classic mix demonstrates the versatility of different EDM sub-genres and how genre blending can result in great new music. While the overall sound of the track is still unmistakably house, it diverts from the usual bass kicks and drops that permeate the usual big room house.

Listen to “Roads (Classic Mix)” below:

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