DamnFrog – Dreams or Reality [Video]

DamnFrog – the insanely upbeat and energetic Puerto Rican producer/DJ duo (trio if you count the frog) consisting of heavy-hitting Latin producers DJ Nelson and Gaby Metalica – is a group on the rise, and their music is a unique blend that you won’t find elsewhere.

The bass is low, the tempo is high, and everything meets in the middle to create something massive.

DamnFrog - Dreams or Reality [Video]
DamnFrog – Dreams or Reality [Video]
With their distinct fusion of Latin percussion and musical stylings from Reggaeton and dancehall to the global EDM sound, DamnFrog is bringing a different vibe to the table. With over a half million followers on their social media profiles, it’s safe to say that fans are taking notice.

DamnFrog’s live show rivals the energy of Flosstradamus – with the music, light show, and stage performance culminating into an insanely cathartic experience.

Looking to learn a little more? Their “Dreams or Reality” video is part live performance, part interview, and all shenanigans – so step a little closer and find out what you’ve bee missing with this hard-hitting Puerto Rican group.

Check out DamnFrog and their high energy tunes in the “Dreams or Reality” video below.