Cazzette & The High – Sleepless [thatDROP Premiere]

Sebastian Furrer and Alexander Bjorklund, more commonly known by their giant cassette-head rocking stage name Cazzette, have been gaining the attention of electronic dance music fans since the release of their latest track “Sleepless” featuring The High.

Cazzette traditionalists seem to be mostly in favor of the new sound, which has widely been described as “Daft Punk-esque.”

The new track delves into the realm of deep house and, quite successfully, I might add. Speaking to their new sound, the Swedish Duo had this to say:

For almost a year ago, we decided to make songs that we always wanted to make. And the first song we did, was this: “Sleepless”. We are extremely happy and proud to finally let you hear the song. Thank you so much for your love & support! This is just the beginning of a brand new chapter.

And opening a new chapter they are. Loook for “Sleepless” to be available for purchase tomorrow through Amazon, Beatport, and iTunes.

For now, tune in to the freshness that is “Sleepless” by Cazzette with The High

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