16 EDM Animals That Know How to Rave

Rave Dog
Rave Collar @kpoffmusic

Animals are our best friends. After a long weekend raging, there is nothing better than coming home and being greeted by our pet as we inevitably deal with the post-festival comedown.

Consistently being lifted to the highest emotions you can experience over the course of multiple days and coming right back down to reality can really take its’ toll. As you sit there reliving the bright lights, unforgettable memories, and new friendships, one thing always remains reliable – your pet.

Some EDM animals are even right in the midst of the action.

We have all seen the service animals that nonchalantly stroll throughout the massive crowds, keeping their composure better than some of the people that are in attendance. Or even the police dogs that I have heard festival goers joke is “the highest dude there.”

Regardless of the scenario, we take a look at 20 of our favorite EDM Animals. These PLURNT Pets simply understand what the electronic dance music music festival and rave scene is all about.

Join us as we take a stroll through these electronic dance music animals that simply get it.

Just waiting for Electric Daisy Carnival like…

EDC Puppy
Electric Daisy Carnival Dog

Facemelt Chihuahua

Lightshow Dog
Lightshow Chihuahua @jazzyfea


Rave Dog
Rave Pug

EDM Anteater

Rave Aardvark
Rave Anteater

I Swear I Haven’t Seen Her

Molly Dog

Free Refill Water Stations be like…

Free Water Station Cat

Post CounterPoint Cat

CounterPoint Animal
CounterPoint Cat

Skrillex + Squirrel =

Skrillex Squirrel

Coachella Cat Selfie

EDM Selfie Cat
Selfie Cat

Dat Light Show…

Light Show Cat
EDM Lightshow

PLUR Pup is Not Amused

Kandi Pooch
Kandi Dog @420priincess

Is It Time For The Rave Yet?

Rave Puppy
Rave Dog @jennayyc

How ‘Bout You?

EDM Bear
EDM Bear

R3hab Dog Needs Rehab

Rehab Dog
Rehab Dog


Skrillex Dog

Ready to Rave.

EDM Puppy
EDM Dogs @kikkikorek

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