Royal Refix Brings Electronic to Baby Bash Classic [Free Download]

baby bash frankie j suga suga royal refix remix
Royal Refix

Suga Suga how you get so fly? The age old question has been lingering since 2003 when Baby Bash and Frankie J put out the R&B hit full of sticky beats that melt your ears in to that ‘sweet ooey gooey.’

Fast forward a decade and Washington D.C. based producer Royal Refix has gotten his hands ahold of this track, adding in a little bit snare that brings some electronic flare to a song that you already can’t help but smile when it comes on the radio. The byproduct is a savory concoction of sweet musical nectar that you can bump in the whip or simply vibe out to at the crib.

Check out the Royal Refix remix of “Suga Suga” below and while you’re at it give a peek to the original video.

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