Artist 6 of 10 For Our Envision 2017 Showcase: CharlestheFirst

For this week’s review of the Envision 2017 lineup we selected Sierra Nevada native, CharlestheFirst to showcase. He just came out this with a new track called, ‘The Forest With No Name’ and a mesmerizing 30 minute mix titled, ‘Through the Mist’ that will give you the inkling to get to the jungle at Envision.

CharlestheFirst has a knack for living up the dance floor with his beats that radiate love.

There is no one quite like CharlestheFirst on the lineup and he is always keeping crowds smiling. His music is highly influenced by nature and the adventure around it. He definitely takes us along on an adventure with his music that tells a story.

CharlestheFirst 'The Forest With No Name'
CharlestheFirst ‘The Forest With No Name’

Listen to and download ‘The Forest With No Name’ by CharlestheFirst below: 

CharlestheFirst 'Through the Mist'
CharlestheFirst ‘Through the Mist’

Listen to ‘Through the Mist’ by CharlestheFirst below: 

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