A Closer Look at the Sonic Bloom 2017 Lineup: Kalya Scintilla

This summer Australian music producer, Kalya Scintilla will be kicking off his music driven adventures at Sonic Bloom in Spanish Peaks, Colorado the weekend of June 15th-18th. Last year Kalya came in the clutch at Bloom by beautifully holding down Ott.‘s spot on the lineup, since unfortunately Ott. could not make it.

Kalya blew our minds last year and he will certainly be a must witness set at Sonic Bloom 2017.

photo via Sonic Bloom

His performance at Bloom will signify the second of three chapters of a trilogy that when complete will make up his concept album. He will call this chapter ‘Evokation‘ while the first chapter, that was performed at the Boulder Theater in 2016 was called, ‘Open Ancient Eyes’.

Beyond revealing this concept to Bloom goers, he will also be showcasing ‘Evokation’ at Oregon Eclipse, Resonance and there will be a mystery show that has yet to be announced.

Here is what Kalya Scintilla mentions about the Evokation: 

Evokation is the name of the Theatre collective directed and produced by Eve Olution. The second chapter of the trilogy has not been revealed… Eve and I are currently in the studio working on it and the show at Bloom will be 90% unreleased music with the over arching story of the new album.

We are aiming to make the stage tell a story with the music, visuals, and performance as one for a multi layered experience for Sonic Bloom. We hope everyone who gets to be there feels the love and dedication we are putting into making this all happen.

Read more details about their Evokation by clicking here

We have assembled a three piece collection of Kalya Scintilla’s music to give you an idea on what there is to look forward to at Sonic Bloom 2017.

Listen to Kalya Scintilla below:

Kalya creates deep and hypnotic music dedicated to the human journey.

Kalya Scintilla ‘Listen to the Trees’ EP

This first single is off his ‘Listen to the Trees‘ EP called, ‘Manzanita’ which takes us on a journey with the sound of a didgeridoo for the intro. Then he gently layers in a light and playful xylophone beat. As the track develops, he creates an appealing drippy and elastic-like sound.

The second piece to our collection is called ‘Evocation’ featuring Eve Olution, who will be joining Kalya on stage to help tell the second chapter of the trilogy. This cut was created simply to remind us to be present and remember who we are within the bigger picture of life.

photo via Kalya Scintilla’s Facebook

The last track we selected is called ‘Boab’. This track has a little more attitude and will get you moving. ‘Boab’ is built of an infectious bounce and a dynamic array of exotic samples and instruments. The strange sonic waves in this one are quite satisfying.

Alongside Kayla Scintilla at Sonic Bloom 2017 will be artists that will cover the full soundscape of music. Check out the rest of the lineup (minus one more yet to be announced headliner) below:

Sonic Bloom Lineup 2017

Also, check out our exclusive photo tour of Sonic Bloom 2016 by clicking here.

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