UK Bass Music Duo Slug Wife Wobble into the Scene with their Debut EP

Dropping all over social media this week, Slug Wife comes out of nowhere with bass music that is crunchy. UK duo, Seppa and Kursa mastermind a 4 song bass collection. They bring that heavy bass with a new flavor of sounds and hard hitting drums, leaving us looking forward to what will be next from this duo.

I am thinking this pop-up bass music duo will create a label which will feature more monster production and possible tours.

Slug Wife art via SoundCloud

Listen to Slug Wife below: 

This is one of two tracks featured on Soundcloud that shows off the sound that has become, Slug Wife. They feature a crunchy sound with bass frequencies that pair great with the heavy drums. Also, they sample tons of weird sounds and vocals that talk about slugs, which makes me wonder what this duo is really all about.

Watching the UK bass music sound flutter in the United States is something that won’t end anytime soon.

We all love heavy bass and that’s exactly what Slug Wife is presenting with this 4 song EP. Check out for yourself right here and be sure to give them a like. Follow them on all other social media sites to show your love.

Listen to Slug Wife’s debut EP ‘SLG001’ below: 

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