16 of Our Favorite Totems from CounterPoint 2014

Photo via CounterPoint Music Festival

Totems are game changers when it comes down to it. There is nothing like posting up at the back of the crowd and seeing the energy protrude through giant crafted objects waving through the sky. The energy put in to them and dedication to carrying them around is loved and appreciated by all in attendance. A rendezvous for festy crews far and wide, these sticks serve as meeting points and conductors of energy.

The humor and uniqueness have the power to draw smiles, change moods, and completely change the vibe. Nothing like seeing a giant blow up doll flailing around or a pineapple bobbing up and down in the night sky.

Here are some of our favorite totems from the magical weekend that was CounterPoint 2014.

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  1. Hey that’s my totem ” find your happy thought” @ me so I know it’s real instagram @cwittlesworld

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