Whethan Conspires With Flux Pavilion To Create A Savage Banger

Up-and-coming DJ and producer Whethan has been on everyone’s radar this past year, and he just solidified his place in the EDM scene with his recent release of ‘Savage.’

'Savage' by Whethan
‘Savage’ by Whethan

17-year-old Ethan Snoreck A.K.A, Whethan, just released a career defining savage masterpiece with Flux Pavilion and MAX.

Photo via Whethan
Photo via Whethan

The delightfully unexpected collaboration was well-worth the two years that Whethan claims to have put into this banger. Whethan alone produces pure madness. Add Flux and MAX to the mix, and your ears will be overpowered with auditory bliss.

The track kicks off with a bumpin’ buildup, and the collaboration does not disappoint. This hypnotic track makes it clear as to why Whethan is starting to blow up, recently having performed at festivals such as HARD Summer and Spring Awakening.

Bass heavy, this track manifests an intricate mix of massive drops, diverse instrumentals and MAX’s dreamy vocals that come together harmoniously. While electronic beats are in the tracks bones, MAX’s mellow vocals provide a perfect balance that appeals to music lovers of many genres.

‘Savage’ is the prime example of the flawless sound that can result from three ingenious artists joining forces to create a collaboration that just feels right.

Listen to ‘Savage’ by Whethan feat. Flux Pavilion & MAX below:

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