Deep house duo Vijay & Sofia have been on a production rampage as of late. Always known for their consistently high-volume of quality releases, the Belgian tandem has continued the trend in recent weeks.

After making waves in the European underground scene, Vijay and Sofia have continued to snowball momentum; An official remix of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” progressed to signing with Armada Music and, now, their back with another massive release through Spinnin’ Records. This is the kind of tune worthy of international radio play.

You paying attention BPM Radio?

Vijay & Sofia Zlatko ft. Tania Zygar - Wildest Dreams
Vijay (left) and Sofia (right) performing live. Photo via Facebook/Vijay & Sofia/Tesla Budapest

Parisian vocalist Tania Zygar delivers unbelievably beautiful and inspiring lyrics, a superlative marriage to the blaring horns and live instrumentals that are a staple of the track. Another magnificent release makes it easy to see why Vijay & Sofia are artists you want to add to your daily musical repertoire.

Listen to the latest original from Vijay & Sofia Zlatko and be sure to grab the free download.

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Vijay & Sofia Zlatko ft. Tania Zygar - Wildest Dreams
Vijay & Sofia Zlatko ft. Tania Zygar – Wildest Dreams [Free Download]

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