Momentum Carries Illenium Toward Album Release With Heart-Wrenching Debut Single

Just when you think Illenium possibly couldn’t have reached a new limit to his unique sound design and ability to pull heavy on your heart strings, the San Francisco native goes and proves you wrong. Nick Miller, AKA Illenium, dropped an absolute breath taking track with “Fortress” featuring Joni Fatora – the second single off his 12-track 2016 debut album Ashes.

Serving its place as a stylist lead-up to the highly anticipated album, “Fortress” is a perfect example of what you can expect off the LP. This track dropped right after Illenium dropped “Afterlife” for free download and surpassed over half a-million plays. Peaking at number 3 on HypeMachine with “Afterlife,” as well as gaining a slew of support, the melodic bass producer is well on his way to a very successful first-ever album debut.

Filled with luscious bass and befriended pop-esque vocals, “Fortress” is a reminiscent of earlier ‘melodic dubstep’.

With a 2016 twist and Illenium’s ability to tug on your heart strings with his astonishing melodies and sound design.

Illenium Fortress
Illenium performing. Photo via Facebook/Illenium.

Along with “Fortress” becoming available for streaming, the Ashes date announcement will also have some added bonuses for fans of Illenium to get excited about. In part with Seeking Blue (MrSuicideSheep’s label), Nick will also be launching his label KASAYA to head the release. Lovers of Illenium keep your ears open and eyes peeled Ashes is expected to drop February 16.

You can pre-order the album on Apple Music and stream after release on SoundCloud.

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