Two Friends Imbue Galantis’s “No Money” with Signature Soul House

Galantis‘s original “No Money” was debuted at Ultra Music Festival 2016 during their daytime set and saw success right away. Their first single since their debut album “Pharmacy” is charting on Billboard, Spotify, and every other large music forum.

With over 20 million plays on YouTube, it was time for “No Money” to see remixes from other talented producers.

Galantis - No Money (Two Friends Remix)
Galantis – No Money (Two Friends Remix)

Soul House duo, Two Friends, have re-imagined the track truly making it their own.

A beautiful combination of soul, house, and tasteful guitar licks make this remix truly shine. Just in time for summer, this is a must add to any playlist you have especially for the beach.

Listen to and grab the remix below:

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