DJ Snake Continues Streak of Anthemic Singles with “Talk”

DJ Snake is one of the biggest phenomenons in the electronic dance music scene. By possessing the dichotomous ability to craft hits and bangers in the same space, he has set himself as a force to be reckoned with.

After finishing 2015 with 5 platinum records certified by the RIAA, he has set his sights on creating the next summer anthem and has succeeded with “Talk” featuring vocals from George Maple.

DJ Snake's 5 Singles Certified Platinum by RIAA in the U.S.A.
DJ Snake’s 5 Singles Certified Platinum by RIAA in the U.S.A.

“Talk” encompasses what a summer hit should sound like.

The original track by George Maple from her Vacant Space EP features the same stunning vocals but with a more melancholic production behind it. DJ Snake applies his magic touch by adding his famous vocal chops and uplifting chord progressions which transform the track without undermining the emotions behind the vocals.

After huge songs such as “Lean On”, and “Middle”, it’s no surprise that the Parisian producer is snowballing his way through the upper echelons of the music world. We’re very excited for his debut album coming out this year and look forward to new music while this track stays on repeat all summer.

Listen to “Talk” below:

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