True Entertainment Announces Phase 1 of Off The Grid Campout 2023’s Lineup

For those still on the fence about smaller curated events over larger grand scale events, this ones for you. Along with the vast number of opportunities that arise in more intimate events, they’re so much more of a vibe than the big ‘commercial’ type settings. I’m talking about the kind of events where you see art rather than big branded sponsorship logos.

True Entertainment’s Off The Grid Campout brings an intimate underground vibe to the middle of a Southern California desert, and they’ve just announced the phase one lineup for this October! Let me tell you; we can not wait to be immersed in the completely off-the-grid house, techno, and drum & bass event once again!

Off The Grid 2023 Lineup

Last year was quite eventful, the vibes were high as we danced the night away to drum & bass under a beautiful lightning storm; it was otherworldly to say the least. With multiple stages, art cars, vendors, and more, we had the best three days on what felt like Mars.

Off the Grid Campout 2022 – Shot by – Rachel VB
Off the Grid Campout 2022 – Shot by – @SinnerGShootz
Off the Grid Campout 2022 – Shot by – @SinnerGShootz
Roni Size – Off the Grid Campout 2022 – Shot by – @SinnerGShootz
Off the Grid Campout 2022 – Shot by – @SinnerGShootz
Off the Grid Campout 2022 – Shot by – @SinnerGShootz

Early Bird Tickets are on sale now!

This year is amping up to be even bigger and better than the last two! Check out these awesome additions to look forward to!

  • This October we will be able to enjoy 3 nights of music instead of 2!
  • Center Camp! A wonderful cozy chill area with comedy, movies, and lots of fun activities!
  • NEW STAGES! Featuring breaks, trance, and techno!
  • Panel sessions during the day!

If you happen to be interested in contributing something to the event, you are welcomed to send an email INFO@TRUEDANCEMUSIC.COM to see how you can get involved!


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