Croatia Squad Sparks Freshcobar and Lavelle Dupree to Launch NOS Recordings [Interview]

San Diego’s own lit switches, Freshcobar and Lavelle Dupree have recently launched their own record label called NOS Recordings with a joint effort titled, ‘Story of My Life’, that was kicked out of the studio door by Croatia Squad. These veteran DJs have been performing around the globe for several decades, with Freshcobar, also known as DJ Fresh One, known for his open format style. Lavelle Dupree, on the other hand, is one half of the legendary Scooter and Lavelle duo.

Freshcobar & Lavelle Dupress ‘Story of My Life’ Nos Recordings

The two have previously released tracks on various labels, including Enormous Tunes, Sirup Music, Undr the Radr, and Twisted Funk Records. By launching their own label, they aim to cement their position in the industry and make a mark in the scene. Their first release of 2023 showcases their talents and sets the tone for things to come.

‘Story of My Life’ is a knocking and psychedelic deep house release with plenty of git and resonating vocals, “if you think I know just what I need, that’s where you’re wrong, I got everything that I need, that’s the story of my life.”

Freshcobar on the Record


How did you and Levelle Dupree first meet? 

We met when I was a young kid DJing underage at clubs in San Diego. We both worked for a promoter and have been long time friends.

When did you two first DJ together? 

We started making music together around 2016 or 2017 and have been working and playing together since. Some shows we do solo but sometimes we get booked as a duo and play B2B sets together. It’s a lot of fun.

Freshcobar & Levelle Dupree

How does this release share the story of your life? 

We made this track in 2021 but have been holding on to it for the launch of our label – NOS Recordings, which stands for No Ones Safe. Croatia Squad was hanging out in the studio with us and was commenting on how good the track was so we decided to hold on to it. 

Can you share about the sound design or music production techniques you used to produce ‘Story of Your Life’? 

We started with the drums and then I remember I played that bassline. From there it was a matter of building out the track. I spent a lot of time on this one finding the right kick sound. It was not sitting right for me for quite some time. Other production techniques used included custom synth programming for the breakdown, we have this one synth that rises up and then back down. For the vocal we ended up using a Splice sample but altered it so it was not so noticeable. I do try to stay away from Splice samples these days.

What is something new you have learned in the studio and while mixing sets? 

I’m always learning new things in the studio, I also do offer my mastering services on the side under Distinct Mastering.  So I am always educating myself and others on my YouTube channel for that brand which keeps me learning constantly.

What events have you touched at during Miami Music Week and in Ibiza? 

In Miami Music week this year I am playing the Twisted Funk Records party as well as the Unlearn Records pool party both that I’ve had releases on. In Ibiza our friend Plastik Funk had Lavelle and I play his boat party, and we did another event with our good friend Chris Garcia that trip. 

You are teaming up with the designer Erick Diaz to launch your new imprint No Ones Safe Recordings.  Can you share a little of his backstory and why you two initially crossed paths?  

Correct, Erick and I have known each other for quite some time and he is amazing at design so it was a great match. We crossed paths back in the early 2000s probably in the same circles with the clubs but I think we actually met at a record store that he worked at when I was really young.  

Do you plan on having a record label launch party? 

We have no plans to do a launch party as we are just getting things off the ground but stay tuned for a possible one year anniversary! 

Where can people find you DJing in the near future?  Are you a resident anywhere? 

I have been taking some personal time and time off to be more in the studio. I toured around DJing for many years under the DJ Fresh One alias. But I want to focus on getting my music out first and foremost. You can catch me in San Diego at places like Firehouse PB, Hard Rock Hotel Pool Parties and Lumi Rooftop under the Freshcobar name regularly. I play some other markets as the shows come in so hope to see you in your city soon! 

Lavelle Dupree on the Record

Lavelle Dupree

What is a funny story or cherished moment you share with Freshcobar? 

Freshcobar is a long time friend and we’ve done alot of cool stuff together however one of my favorite moments is playing with him at Halcyon in San Francisco with Sam Divine it was an amazing show! 

How does this release share the story of your life? 

It’s a exciting release because it’s the first release on our record label NOS recordings which is a new chapter in the story of my life. 

What does disco music mean to you? 

Disco is the heart of dance music and will always be felt in really good house music!! It’s the boogie from disco that lives in dance music.  

What are 5 tracks you find at the forefront of electronic music? 

My five tracks are

   1) Bring Me Out by The Deepskakerz and Black Savana 

   2) Aqui by Tony Cortez 

   3) Driffin’ Away by DAN:ROS, Mirko and Meex 

   4)Mystic (Ritmo Extended Dub) by John Moss

   5) Let’s Freak lt by Rick Silva 

Looks like you just spent some time in Tulum and Capo.  Can you share a little about those experiences and the scene down there? 

I love Mexico!! Cabo and Tulum are two of my favorite places to play. Cabo is more House music then Tulum however they both enjoy good Progressive House music and both places go off! 

Considering electronic music is the universal language, what is ‘Story of My Life’ saying to the dance floor? 

Story Of My Life is telling the dance floor it’s time to celebrate life!!

What is a recent hip hop track(s) you like to mix into your sets? 

California Breeze by Lil Baby is fire!

What stage did you perform on during Coachella?  Who DJ’d before and after you that day? 

It was the Heineken Dome Scooter and I played then one of  my mentors Donald Glaude played after us! It was awesome!

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